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What is Planet Plug?

Tired of being fed dirty coal and gas by big energy companies? Planet Plug is the first home smart plug which lets you choose and schedule the type of energy you use. Want to choose wind? We’ve got that. Solar? Hydro? Biomass? Also covered. Choose and schedule the energy to power your devices.

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Why Planet Plug?

There are over 80billion plugs in the world and 50 billion sockets – and this is growing every year. 

We believe that everyone has a part to play in creating a sustainable planet and society. Every individual and organisation has a responsibility to do something. The Planet Plug enables everyone to take steps so small you won’t even notice you’re doing them. If enough people take those steps – that’s real change. Real positive impact.

The Plug

The Planet Plug has been designed from the ground up to be reusable and recyclable. Each component can be removed, reassembled and reused elsewhere.


Initially designed with a UK configuration it has also been designed so that it can easily be rolled out to other countries in future.


Our ambition is to have a Planet Plug on every devices and a socket on every wall.

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How It Works

The Plug employs specialist technology to monitor the type and amount of energy that your devices use. You can then use this information to make smarter, cost effective and sustainable choices about the energy you use. 

Through the smart phone app and the plug you will be visually notified when the energy you are using does not match your aspirations, be they renewable or not.

Planet Plug is also a smart plug so will work with your existing Google, Alexa and Apple smart home setup.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently ramping up to the final stages of development and hope to release onto the market in Summer 2021. Join our crowdfund or use the contact form to be notified when it is available.

Planet Plug will firstly help you understand the amount of energy you are using per device. You can then use Planet Plug to set schedules and manage the types of energy that you use. Planet Plug will manage these changes in the background and as a result reduce the amount of energy you use and therefore the money you spend. Without changing your lifestyle in any way Planet Plug will save you hundreds of pounds in energy costs per year.

Yes, and we would recommend that you do. The Planet Plug app will help you configure and list all your plugs – even those in other peoples house (useful if you have relatives that need help). The more plugs you have the more you will be aware of the types of energy you are using. This information will enable you to make energy and cost savings.

Planet Plug is a smart plug like any other. Add it to your Alexa, Google home or Home kit estate and use it as you would any other smart device. In addition we have Alexa skills available specific to the Planet Plug.

Just because you have solar panels installed doesn’t necessarily mean you are using solar energy. Much of the time the energy you generate goes back into the national grid and you reiceve a “feed in” tarrif. The energy you then receive back to the sockets in your home is then the same as provided to everyone else from the grid. If youare lucky enough to have local battery storage then you could be using the solar you generate yourself – in which case the Planet Plug will not monitor that energy.

The lighting used within the Planet Plug is extremely low energy. It is also used only briefly to indicate status and changes. The amount of power this adds up to over the course of a year is tiny and amonts to a few pennies only – vastly outweighed by the cost and energy savings you will make.

At launch Planet Plug will work in the UK only. However it has been designed so that other countries can be added very easily and we have plans to add more countries very quickly. For a list of our supported countries and roadmap click here.

By setting schedules on your devices and managing the energy they use you can expect to save money from every single device. Depending on the power each devices draws the saving could be from a few pounds a year through to several hundred pounds a year per device. SPread that across many devices and the savings are significant.

We don’t always have control of the mix of energies that the national grid supplies to us. However the Planet Plgu does give you the choice of which type of energy to use and when. You could choose to never charge your phone unless you are getting renewables or you could choose to always use the TV irrespective of the type of energy – Planet Plug gives you the choice.

No, it’s very simple. The Planet Plug uses your home Wifi to setup and configure itself. Providing you have those details to hand it is a simple task to install the mobile app and run through a couple of basic setup steps.

You can use the Planet Plug in any way that you choose – including leaving the device on permanently (for example a freezer). In these cases the Planet Plug will still tell you how much energy the device is consuming and which types of fossil and renewable energies it has used.

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